I haven't blogged in over a year.
I find I get upset and say shocking shit in the wrong arenas.

this is the new SSION video. its super cool.
cody creates 

Its the summer of 2012. 
It feels like its spring of 2002
My ten year class reunion is a year away.

I was class president. so weird.
This is what Im thinking when.
in fact, Im not really thinking at all

Above the floor
bed lofted
bushSTYU, ny. usa

The NYPD pulled me over for riding a bike on the side walk

I told them they were wack and lame.
Arent there real criminals in this neighborhood.

With a lisp he replied

" Mr. Marshall our job is to uphold the lawshhhh big and shhhhhmall"

riding away.
another this is a joke

talking to cyber space

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